Don’t be put off by the grandiose title. It should really be called the ‘Forum for the Ministry of Clergy and Readers of the Church of Ireland Diocese of Connor in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020‘. That would be far too long and it doesn’t even make up a pronounceable acronym.

The key points are that the Forum is both ‘closed’ and ‘open’. It is closed in the sense that you do have to register in order to see the posts, comments and replies. We will only be accepting registration requests from accredited members of the target groups. It is open in the sense that the forum is operated on a co-operative basis. It is not aligned with any particular interest or lobby group. The intention is that it will live up to its strap line of being

a safe place for Clergy and Lay Readers, who don’t have all the answers

The hope is that we shall enjoy the freedom to express our doubts and fears, to share our hopes and dreams, and to strengthen and encourage one another as we minister through these challenging times.

Michael High
Diocesan Reader